Dance Films
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Project Lullaby Series

Project Lullaby is a film series which focuses on spreading awareness about mental illness and fighting societal stigma through dance and film. The series includes 4 iterations: NIGHTMARE, LUCID, TORMENT and CHOICE. The series has received international acclaim, with CHOICE chosen as a Finalist of the Russian Mental Health Festival 2022, and receiving the Narrative/Storyline Award at the Project Home Movement Film Festival 2022 in San Francisco.


NIGHTMARE is the 1st iteration of the Project Lullaby series. The film explores the journey of a person experiencing night terrors through film and movement.


LUCID is the 2nd iteration of the Project Lullaby series. The film explores a woman's struggles of falling into depression. LUCID has been selected for various film festivals across Canada and has received the Best Production Award.


TORMENT is the 3rd iteration of the Project Lullaby series. The film explores the idea of societal stigma on people who have a mental illness.


CHOICE is the final iteration of the Project Lullaby series. The story follows one woman's journey toward life, moving through abandoned landscapes as she battles her inner shadow. The film focuses on suicide awareness and prevention.


Distance Series

Written and produced by Jeegar Thakker and Brandon Gordon, the series explore the relationship of a couple with its ups and downs through storytelling and movement. The series were choreographed and performed by KINAJ.


VAIN is a film that explores two individuals' feelings of attraction and attachment.

"We've lost count at this point. How many times have we found ourselves in this very moment? How long are we gonna be wall flowers?"


I'm not in love explores the destructive relationship full of emotional burdens where neither partner wants to let go. While these people are feeling something for each other, there are these hidden elements of something being wrong with the situation.

"holding onto the idea made me blind to how much I disliked you."


Distance explores the idea of two individuals holding onto the memories of their past.

"I think we're very much moving on in reality, but I often think of the idea of persevering, for better or worse." 

Dance Shorts


ToofRUSH is a humorous dance film created during the pandemic to encourage vaccination. It follows two individuals' journey to a vaccine clinic while roaming around iconic Toronto landscapes.

"Our first defence against tooth decay is keeping your teeth clean by brushing twice daily. Speaking about twice, don't forget about your first and/or second vaccine dose against COVID-19." 



Rush explores the feeling of stillness while the whole world rushes back into the life lived pre-pandemic. It explores the idea of our bodies and minds responding to the new normal.


"Why does urgency feel more familiar than rest? Will choosing rest allow us to find the needed balance while the rest of the world is moving?"

Toronto Optical


Toronto Optical is a witty dance short which tells a story of a man shopping for glasses. It explores the idea of "seeing the world through different lenses" in a quintessential KINAJ humour.



I NEED IT is a "punny" dance short film conceptualized by AJ Velasco. The film explores the idea of longing and waiting for someone with a plot twist, wordplay, and a sprinkle of humour.