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Our Services

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Choreography & Creative Direction

KINAJ are experienced choreographers who have directed and staged dance pieces for film, music videos, and live performances. Individually Kin Nguien and AJ Velasco are known for directing and staging award-winning competitive sets, which have been presented in various dance competitions in the GTA.

Teaching & Skills Workshops

With accumulative 10+ years of experience, KINAJ has developed a diverse range of skills and techniques such as performing for stage, performing for the camera, creating for stage/film, dancing in a team vs dancing individually, partnering, to name a few. They are passionate about bringing the best out of their students by equipping them with the knowledge and guidance on cultivating body awareness, improving dance techniques and encouraging creativity in dance. As a result, KINAJ facilitates a welcoming environment for growth for dancers from all walks of life, whether recreational or professional dance training.


KINAJ is a duo with a reputation for their witty and relatable performances to tell stories about human experiences. Collectively they have performed on many stages throughout Canada and Europe, gaining acclaim for their unique concepts, attention to detail, and stage productions. KINAJ profoundly cares about the quality of their live performances, aiming to bring joy and ignite introspection in their audiences.

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