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KINAJ, Going The Distance - An End To A Series

For the past year, KINAJ has had an opportunity to work with the brilliant minds of Jeegar Thakker and Brandon Gordon on a 3 part series dance film that tells a story of a relationship journey between two characters: IDA (played by Kin Nguien) and Jesse (played by AJ Velasco)

image description, taken by Brandon Gordon - Director of Photography:
Top Image - Jesse, medium length black hair all rugged, looking to the right in distress.
Bottom Image - Ida, standing in outside a cold Toronto street looking behind her as if she had seen someone she knew.

Director's Note

““I think we’re very much moving on in reality, but I often think of the idea persevering, for better or worse.”

In this third and final part of the story, following ‘Vain’ and ‘I’m Not In Love’, we navigate these characters realizing that something didn’t work, and are now separated. But as much as they need to move on, they’d rather hold onto the thing that hurt them; they don’t know what anything else looks like.

These characters have no strength in their togetherness anymore, and deep down, they know that.

However, they can’t help but long for one another; it’s never a clean break.

But one of the best things you can ever do for someone is to give them their space. And you can learn the same way that you need yours. Sometimes the best thing for the both of you is the distance.

Thank you.

- Jeeg”

You can watch the final film here:

Who's Cutting the Onions?

We are very thankful to have been part of this dance film series and for the opportunity to collaborate with Director & Writer, Jeegar Thakker, and Director of Photography, Brandon Gordon. Without their trust and creative inspiration, none of this would be possible..

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