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KINAJ artistic directors and choreographers of their theatre production Bodies of Nature

Bodies of Nature

Toronto Arts Council Funding and Support

"Bodies of Nature is a theatre performance that brings awareness towards environmental protection and nature conservation. We use the media of dance and spoken word to explore the relationship between human actions and nature and how they are interconnected. The work is inspired by the "Nature Is Speaking" film series by Conservation International, which gives nature a voice. Similar to their goal, "To reframe why conservation is important and reinforce a simple message — Nature doesn't need people. People need nature." our goal is to inspire people to take action towards preserving nature.

Theatre Performances


ICON is a stage performance choreographed by KINAJ. The movement incorporates KINAJ's signature partnering with some influence of hip-hop and popping styles. The performance explores the idea of confidence within your craft and life. ICON has been performed and adapted for multiple events in Canada including REACH Dance Competition and CCYAA Celebrity Classics.



SIREN is a theater performance choreographed by Kin Nguien. It explores the idea of being a woman in a male-dominated world. The storyline follows a mermaid finding her way to freedom. SIREN was a headliner of a Final Stretch Dance Competition.



Zombies is a stage performance choreographed by AJ Velasco, Kevin Bonilla, Courtney Didone, and Mel Vaughn. A dance performance inspired by the walking dead, that will surely bring you to life.

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