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Our Work

Dance Films

A dance film is a film in which dance plays a central role in communicating meaning and story. We combine our knowledge of film technique and experience in choreography to produce meaningful and impactful work for our audience.

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Dance film Distance, choreographed by KINAJ

AJ Velasco in DISTANCE dance film 

Music Videos

A music video or song video is a short work that integrates a song and imagery produced for promotional or artistic purposes. As choreographers and dancers, we work closely with a creative team to best deliver the artist's work and intentions through movement.

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KINAJ choreography and Artistic Direction for Music Video  New Tomorrow.

KINAJ during the music video shoot for New Tomorrow 


A theatre production is a collaborative form of performing arts that uses live performers to present the experience of an actual or imagined event before a live audience on stage. The performers may communicate this experience to the audience through combinations of gestures, speech, song, music, and dance.

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Theatrical Work live stage Siren.  Kin Nguien Choreography.  Toronto Dance Showcase

Performance of SIREN choreographed by Kin Nguien 

Dance Visuals

Dance visual is an on-camera dance performance captured on film. The purpose of a dance visual is to present choreography and movement differently besides stage performance. There is no specific storyline as with dance films.

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KINAJ choreography to Better by BoA.  Original Kpop Choreography.  Duet Kpop Choreography

BETTER Dance Visual performed by KINAJ

Commercial Work

Commercials are paid advertisements broadcasted on TV and radio and featured on social media platforms. As choreographers and performers, we work closely with the production team to create a piece of content that fits a company's marketing needs.

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Kin Nguien of KINAJ modeling and performing for product advertisment.  Roots clothing campaign

Kin Nguien for Roots International Sweatpants Campaign 

Dance Class Footage

Class footage is a short video showcasing a piece of choreography taught during a dance class/ workshop/ convention. Most classes are filmed by a professional videographer.

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KINAJ choreographers and artistic directors fascilitating creative workshop and choreogrpahy in montreal

KINAJ teaching their piece THE HIGH in Montreal

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