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Image of KINAJ, Kin Nguien and AJ Velasco smiling.


Everything is better together

KINAJ is a cross-genre dance collective created and led by Kin Nguien and AJ Velasco. Founded in 2020, KINAJ's mission as choreographers and dancers is to create impactful work that challenges the status quo, fosters collaboration and unleashes the captivating power of storytelling through movement. In their cross-genre dance pieces, they blend street styles with contemporary dance, incorporating elements of improvisation, freestyle, and partnering techniques. This fusion serves as an active act of resistance against rigid structures and systems, guiding us toward crafting authentic, chaotic, and visually driven narratives.


Since 2020, KINAJ has produced work that has been officially selected at multiple international film festivals for their movement and storytelling. Currently, KINAJ is preparing an enticing spring double bill through the Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) set to premiere in April 2024.

Kin and AJ are probably two of the most down-to-earth individuals I know. They always prioritize the value of “humans” first, whether it be in their art or working-styles. Always eager to learn and discover more, the great impact of their work speaks volumes to communities they touch. These mindful storytellers and movers are definitely one of a kind and always a pleasure to work with.

Katrina Castro, NY

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