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I'm Not In Love: Dance Film starring KINAJ

We are excited to release our newest dance film in collaboration with Jeegar Thakker and Brandon Gordon.

"I'm not in love" is a follow up to ‘Vain’ the dance film released back in July. The film follows the two characters complicated relationship while moving through landscapes of downtown Toronto. We wanted to be more explicit in the nuances introduced. While these two characters are feeling something for each other, there were these hidden elements of something being wrong about the situation.

A lot of fights aren’t constructive and are used to air out feelings, even if it hurts someone along the way.

Expressing the highs, lows and the intent of an argument can be nasty. You walk away unsure if you meant the things you said in the moment.

Thank you Jeegar and Brandon for believing in us. You can watch the final film on our Youtube Channel.

Thank you everyone for all the support so far!

With Love,



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