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KINAJ is Casting Dancers, and Want You To Apply

KINAJ is seeking versatile dancers for an upcoming work-in-progress showcase funded by the Toronto Arts Council. If you are proficient in either choreography, freestyle, improvisation, and any background in acting and various dance styles (including but not limited to hip-hop, locking, popping, house, breakdancing, contemporary, etc., then this might be a position for you!

We want to acknowledge that not all of us have access and privileges to "accredited" dance schools, professional headshots, and reels due to systemic barriers. So we would like to encourage anyone to apply whether you have a professional headshot, resume, or demo reel or not. We are happy to review everyone's application with an unbiased opinion and respect. Submit what best represents you as a dancer!

If you know anyone who might be interested in this opportunity, please share this post and let them know to apply!

KINAJ Bodies of Nature
Bodies of Nature (iteration 1): Aeris Körper Presentation

Bodies of Nature is a work-in-progress. The first work was developed and curated for a showcase called Prospects - funded by Canadian contemporary dance company: Aeris Körper. The work was inspired by the "Nature Is Speaking" film series by Conservation International, which gives nature a voice. Their goal is "to reframe why conservation is important and reinforce a simple message - Nature doesn't need People, People need Nature". Our goal during the first work was to follow suit and explore how each part of nature exists - independently and collectively. Parts of nature that we explored were Soil by Safa Ali, Flower by Kin Nguien, Forest by AJ Velasco, Water by Matthew Morales, Coral by Ian Simon, and Mother Nature by the entire cast.

The feedback was insightful and it allowed us to discover different possibilities of how the work could continue to develop to be presented as a film and in live performances. We are truly grateful for all the comments shared that night at Prospects and now are currently working on the second iteration. The second iteration will explore the cyclical relationship between humans and nature. How our effect on nature, will affects our bodies: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

So, is this opportunity paid?

Good question, Yes it Is!

Here are some details about the casting:

Location: Greater Toronto Area

Age: 18+


Rate: $600 CAD with food and Beverage compensation

Breakdown: 4 rehearsals (4 hours each) and 1 performance date

Mandatory Dates to be Available

October 21, 28 (6 pm-10 pm)

November 4, 11 (6 pm-10 pm)

November 26 (all day)

Producers and Choreographers: KINAJ

Deadline: October 6th, 2022, 11:59 PM EST

Tell Me How to Apply Already!

If this opportunity is something that interests you, you can apply here!

Casting Commitment:

As Asian creators, we prioritize diversity and inclusion in our casting process. KINAJ is committed to being open-minded, confronting our implicit biases, and striving for a diverse cast in the most encompassing sense. We hope to provide spaces for marginalized artists, such as women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and people with disabilities, to show their talents and skills in a trauma-informed and environmentally conscious production environment.

We want to say thank you for your interest in reading our updates! If you are unable to commit at this moment - join our email list for future opportunities and updates :)

Talk soon,


Resources and Inspiration:

Nature Conservancy Canada -

Government of Canada: Our Environment -

Conservation International -


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