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KINAJ, close and personal

Welcome to KINAJ blog!

Ever wonder what KINAJ has been up to, new videos, teaching schedules, or just how to pronounce KINAJ?

Well, look no further, because we hope to connect with you and to share it all and more!

photo credit: February 2021: KINAJ location scouting for Project Lullaby: CHOICE film

Ok, but how the hell do you pronounce KINAJ?

KINAJ, pronounced kin-ahj, is a combination of Kin and AJ's name ... surprise! Bet you didn't see that coming.

But all jokes aside, KINAJ has a deeper meaning for us and that is collaboration, support, and having fun. There are several social platforms, and currently KINAJ uses instagram and youtube as our main source of digital content sharing. However, we’d like to move away from high traffic / doom scrolling / rabbit whole inducing social platforms for sharing these written posts to create a more personal experience with you through our website.

KINAJ wants to share our past and future experiences as well as hearing from your personal experiences through comments or personal messages. If you would like to support and know more about KINAJ updates and experience through our blog, subscribe to our emailing list here!

We would love your support and we thank you for your time reading our post.

Until next time,



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