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KINAJ enters a global online dance KPOP competition, and we're headed to the finals!

How did KINAJ get here and what's next? Well, couple weeks back as we patiently endured another lockdown, again, in Ontario:

Kin scrolling through instagram: “Hey … want to do a KPOP competition for original choreography?”

AJ: “Is that the one on instagram?”

Kin: “yeah it's called FANTOO”

AJ: “.... honestly, why not”

Kin is a seasoned K-pop fan, while AJ is moving away from his training wheels - still being a baby army, but not fully a blink (K-pop fan reference). KINAJ has had their fair share of K-pop choreography consumption for years, and has enjoyed many choreographies from different choreographers.

KINAJ submitted their original choreography through KDA: An academy that hosts anything related to Korean Culture and K-pop dance classes from South Korean Choreographers.

Their original choreography submission was to KPOPs sensation Lee Tae-Min song to: WANT and you can watch it here!

KINAJ WANTs your help!


KINAJ has successfully passed the preliminaries of KDA’s FANTOO GLOBAL DANCE COMPETITION, and are entering into the finals for original choreography. As we prepare for the finals, we would appreciate you subscribing to our email list to get updates our final video submission and how you can help KINAJ!

What KPOP would you like to see KINAJ choreograph too? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,



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